Cal Spas circuit boards, ELE09100205, C2100RIE, Cal Spas circuit board ELE09100206, 2200RIA - 2000, Cal Spas circuit board ELE09100209, C2105RIA (European) 50hz, Circuit Board ELE09100213,  5200, Cal Spas circuit board ELE09100218, Round 8005, 50Hz, ELE09100226, Auxiliary Circuit Board 6300, ELE09100290, Circuit Board C2001R2B, ELE09100025, Cal Spas Circuit Board CS5x00, ELE09100214, CAL SPAS Circuit Board 5300, CAL SPAS
Circuit Board OC850L, ELE09100330, CAL SPAS Circuit BoaRound 6115: ELE09100233,
ELE09100234, Circuit Board 6215 CAL SPAS Circuit BoaRound Oe9905,  ELE09100390, CAL SPAS Lite Leader Circuit Board C1500-1, ELE09102220, CAL SPAS Circuit Board 9800P3, ELE09100360, CAL SPAS Circuit BoaRound Oe9900, ELE09100380, CAL SPAS Circuit Board V300, ELE09100400, CAL SPAS Circuit Board CS5100 ELE09907280, CAL SPAS
Circuit BoaRound Og2000R2A ELE09100270, Circuit

Cal Spas Circuit Board, ELE09100206, Balboa 52195-02, 2200R1D

Balboa 52195, 52196, 52195-02.
ELE09100206 $295.00
Free shipping in the continental United States
Larger View

Balboa 52195, 52196, 52195-02, Circuit Board V500, ELE09100232, CAL
SPAS Circuit BoaRound, 6115 ELE09100233,CS2200R1C,
CS2200R1D,CS2300, 6300DV, ELE09100236, 6200DV: ELE09100237,
9800-TV : ELE09100370, S300FC5 VS300FC5, Balboa 56198 ELE09100241
COLE4PDF, Balboa 56197, ELE09100241, ELE09100411, CAL SPAS
Circuit Board VS513Z : ELE09100420, CS8015 : ELE09907281, 5100DV,
ELE09907283, Circuit Board, 6215, ELE09100234, 6115, 8015 ELE0920187,
Circuit Board V500 ELE09100232, CAL SPAS Circuit BoaRound 6115
ELE09100233, Cal Spas circuit Board 6300DV: ELE09100236, 6200DV:
ELE09100237, 9800-TV : ELE09100370, S300FC5 VS300FC5, parts
control panels, CAL SPAS CIRCUIT BOARD Balboa 56198 ELE09100241
Superior Spa & Pool, Swimming Pool Service & Repair, Rockton, IL
Saturday the 18th. All arrived in great shape
just wanted to say boy what a packing job.  
No damaged in transit.  
Jerry A.
Thanks for going the extra mile to help to
make sure I got this hard to find part. I will
always call you first.
Lake Geneva WI
In a time when a good service is hard to
find you and your tech was a complete
pleasure to work with. Thank you.
Nancy W.
Madison WI
Superior Spa & Pool was here in 2 days
and my had my spa up and running within
an hour. I would recommend Superior to
everyone in fact I have already
recommended them to several of my
friends.Very impressed!
Terry J.Rockford IL.
Unbelievable! After 3 trips to our local pool
supply store waiting in line to have our
water tested. Spending over $65.00 each
time. I called Superior Spa and Pool on
Wednesday about the bad algae problem
in our pool. Our pool looked fantastic for
our party on Saturday thanks to Superior.
Robert Mullen.
Milwaukee WI.
Superior Spa & Pool maintaining our pool
for almost four years keeping our pool
clean and looking great! When our pool is
in need of repair they are right on top of it
and have it taken care of in no time! We are
so pleased with the service and the
employees are very friendly, We couldn't
ask for better!
Thank you!!
Adrain & Linnea A
Beloit WI.
I have to thank you guys so very much. I
ordered a Balboa 54161 Circuit board on
Jan 8th, and just like you said it would be
here in two days. I was a little less then 2
days seeing I was not able to call you guys
till the after 1:00pm on the 8th, and it was
in Crivitz by 11:30am on the 10th. Wow is
all I can say about your company.
Superior Spa and Pool Service.
Thank you again,
Crivitz, WI
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Web. Site by Web Studderman
We are a spa repair service company, I
have been buying spa parts from
Superior Spa for about 10 years. I have
always found Superior Spa & Pool to be
SUPER professional with out standing
customer service. I always received my
parts as quickly as possible, and If the
parts are hard to find, they went above
and beyond to find them for me. I have
always received them in a reasonable
time. I would recommend them to
everyone. Thank you for your outstanding
service. You truly are SUPERIOR SPA
PARTS, Tony Loves Park IL!!!